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Pictures are 100% optional and available to all dancers who want them.  To the right is the picture package flyer from the photography company.  This year they will not have a sales team at the studio.  You will have two options for purchasing photos.  Option 1 will be to select which package you want and purchase it on their web site prior to picture day.  Your second option will be to purchase your photos online after photo day has ended.  It usually takes about two weeks for Northern Lights to edit all photos.  Once the photos have been edited you would just log on to their site and select which pictures of your child you wish to buy.

In order to schedule your sitting you must register for a spot on our SignUpGenus which is linked to the right.  Studio A & B will be used as our photo studios. Each time slot is 10 minutes and you can fit two costumes worth of photos in each 10 minute slot.  If you only want pictures of 1-2 costumes then you can sign up for 1 slot.  However, if you have 3-4 costumes you want pictures of you will need to make sure you sign up for 2 consecutive slots.  You will also want to make sure your consecutive slots are all within the same studio to eliminate the touching of additional surfaces.  Dancers taking photos in studio A will enter directly into the studio A door.  Dancers taking photos in Studio B will enter the building from the studio B lobby door.  Dancers should arrive to the studio dressed in their first costume.  We ask that each dancer come with one parent only.  Any additional family members should remain at home or in the car.  We are trying to keep our picture space as sanitary as possible.  We ask that you make sure to reserve your spots no later than Friday, June 19th. We are opening our space to any dancer within the community who would like to have individual pictures taken and were unable to at their home studio.

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